Hospitals: Air treatment for healthcare

Air treatment plays a key role in healthcare facilities: it helps reduce microbiological contamination while ensuring optimal comfort for the patients and the medical teams. Public and private hospitals, retirement homes… ETT HVAC systems both guarantee thermal well-being and meet the acoustic constraints of the hospital sector.

As the manager of an hospital centre or a rehabilitation centre, you are certainly faced with the following issues:

  • Manage the air quality within healthcare buildings: for hospital hygiene, and especially in operating theatres, air treatment plays a key part because it needs to help protect the risk area (the operating field, for instance) against any microbiological contamination, as well as ensure comfort for the surgical team and the patient. The air conditioning solutions for an hospital or a retirement home must guarantee superior air quality. ETT air conditioning units are designed to meet the requirements of hospital environments
  • Leverage the energy consumption of healthcare centres: The air filtration level of high-efficiency filters guarantees optimum air quality and reduces pressure drops as well as continuous consumption of the fans, that operate 24/7 and 365 days a year in a hospital! Careful maintenance of ETT air conditioning units helps maximise their energy performance and lifetime.

ETT Solutions

Air treatment for patients’ comfort

The hospital sector specifically requires:

  • 100% fresh air in medical areas
  • Fresh air control, from 0 to 100%, according to occupancy in non-medical areas
  • Fresh air treatment with EPA, HEPA or ULPA filters
  • Air heating and/or air cooling
  • Possible heating by prefabricated gas or fuel boiler house
  • Energy management thanks to equipment optimisation
  • Overall performance improvement with the presence of a water loop
  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) production

ETT Services

Service contracts

Your air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment shall be covered by a service contract with a specialised company that complies with ETT recommendations. ETT provides complementary service contracts to improve your installation’s safety and reliability. ETT Services offers you specialist knowledge to get the most out of your installation with a service contract tailored to your needs:



  • Manufacturer audit(s) in collaboration with the person in charge of the maintenance of your air handling system
  • Comprehensive installation audits of heat pumps, ventilation and dehumidification systems (ad hoc and/or annual)
  • Guarantee extension on your air conditioning equipment
  • Refrigeration circuits tightness testing
  • Regulatory safety controls (Technical Guidebook, PED files)
  • Technical support
  • Operational consulting
  • Optimisation solutions
  • Troubleshooting

Remote supervision of your installation thanks to myETTvision

The myETTvision supervision service (available on the European territory) has been especially developed to let you control and optimise your installation, remotely and instantly. myETTvision offers:

ETT- myETTvision remote supervision

  • Internet access to your installations
  • Comprehensive view of your installation: geolocated sites
  • 3 dashboards: Installation – Site – Equipment
  • Email alert in case of faults
  • Remote fault diagnostic and acknowledgement

ETT- myETTvision remote supervision

  • Remote configuration: setpoints, annual operating hours
  • Access to curves & data export
  • Simple display of performances, comparison between current and previous year
  • Equipment and data operating safety:
  1. Management of user profiles
  2. End-to-end secured exchanges
  3. Automatic time setting of equipment
  4. Data backup

Total renovation of your building’s existing systems

ETT offers the total renovation of your existing systems (retrofit, addition of a thermodynamic module, control optimisation, technological evolution of the ventilation, hydraulic assembly replacement, exchanger replacement, damper replacement, etc.) in case your air conditioning systems cannot technically be replaced.

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