ETT Services: a dedicated team at you service

ETT is committed to customer satisfaction and support throughout the lifetime of their air treatment equipment with energy recovery. To this end, we have opted for a customer-oriented organisation and we deployed a dedicated team: ETT Services.

Our commitments:

ETT Services is dedicated to providing you local and quality services in line with our sustainable development approach.
Availability and responsiveness are the key words to our technical support team. Our experts are reachable at all times, always ready to provide their expertise and find solutions.

ETT Services organisation:

Hotline and administrative support

Our hotline and administrative support team play a key role: they take customer calls, relay the information to the operational teams and prepare commissioning interventions.

Commissioning and guarantee coordinator

Each hotline coordinator is entrusted with a specific geographical area. He provides technical support, coordinates and monitors the commissioning of ETT heat pumps and air treatment systems with energy recovery.
The coordinator also offers technical support, diagnostic assistance and troubleshooting for units under guarantee.

Operational support

Our hotline offers you solutions to face operational challenges and address all your concerns (energy efficiency, regulatory developments, etc.):

Key Accounts customer support

Key Accounts customer support is dedicated to providing special support to our Key Accounts customers for operational optimisation and HVAC equipments configuration. Key Accounts customers requests and incident resolution are also given preferential treatment.


ETT has technicians based all over France. For all other countries, we developed a network of trained and approved technical stations.
ETT technicians and technical stations carry out technical assistance interventions on heat pumps and air treatment systems with energy recovery.
Interventions may range from commissioning to units operational optimisation, including troubleshooting, audit, training and maintenance.