Building durability and energy efficiency for swimming pools

Recognised as the leader in air conditioning and dehumidification by the key players of the Swimming pool sector (partner of the National Swimming Federation), ETT offers a dehumidification system designed for all kinds of humid environments: balneotherapy centres, aquatic sports and leisure centres, municipal or private swimming pools.

ETT - Partner of the National Swimming Federation

As an operator of a sports or leisure aquatic centre, a maintenance technician in charge of a thalassotherapy centre, you are certainly faced with the following issues:

  • Ensure comfort: everyone within the pool needs to feel good. The difficulty lies in satisfying both the bathers (who are wet) and the lifeguards (who are dry). You need to reach and maintain perfect conditions of temperature, humidity and air quality for all. ETT places its expertise at your service by helping you choose the dehumidification system that best fits your project.
  • Leverage energy consumption: air treatment represents 50 to 60% of your energy bill. ETT manufactures air conditioners that include the technical components adapted to the energies available on your premises (heating network, wood burners, gas boilers, solar energy…). Each project is unique, and we know how to identify the constraints and adapt our technology to your energy needs.
  • Reduce operating costs: the longevity of your building depends on several factors. Indoor climate needs to be maintained regardless of outside conditions in order to avoid condensation on walls. Indeed, condensation can prematurely deteriorate your premises.

ETT Solutions

Swimming pools are subject to strict regulations, particularly in terms of hygiene and safety. ETT developed innovative solutions that comply with the regulation and boost your heating and dehumidification equipment performance to enhance user comfort, improve building durability and reduce your energy bill. Thanks to a detailed study of specific environmental needs (humidity, temperature, ventilation, air quality, chloramines removal), ETT can offer appropriate solutions for swimming pools and ice rinks air treatment:

  • Air dehumidification with final reheating for optimal comfort
  • Fresh air control, from 0 to 100%
  • Fresh air treatment
  • Heat recovery for pool water pre-heating
  • Air cooling in summer
  • Heating with prefabricated boiler house
  • Energy management through equipment optimisation and heat recovery
  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) production

Air treatment with dehumidification

Our expertise allows us to offer two types of dehumidifiers:

Thermodynamic single flow dehumidifier

Air is dehumidified through the cooling process and then reheated thanks to a heat pump. This thermodynamic energy recovery principle uses a supply air temperature higher than room temperature for less heating needs. At mid-season or during the summer period, excess heat is transferred to pool water through a stainless steel water-cooled condenser (or titanium condenser, optional) or evacuated through an outside air-cooled condenser.



Thermodynamic double flow dehumidifier

Dehumidification is ensured by the heat pump cooling cycle coupled with a heat pipe. Recovered heat is transferred to the heat pipe on the supply air side, in order for the air-cooled condenser to heat the dehumidified air. The ETT control system progressively adjusts the fresh air flow according to the dehumidification demand. If the temperature of the room is high enough, calories are transferred to pool water.


Air treatment with dehumidification

We strive to adapt to each project by combining 3 essentials:

  • Energy optimisation
  • Easy commissioning (systems delivered ready to operate)
  • Service (guarantee + audit)

ETT Services

Total renovation of your pools’ existing systems

ETT offers the total renovation of your existing systems (retrofit, addition of a thermodynamic module, control optimisation, technological evolution of the ventilation, hydraulic assembly replacement, exchanger replacement, damper replacement, etc.) in case your air treatment units cannot technically be replaced.

ETT audits

Your air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment shall be covered by a service contract with a specialised company that complies with ETT recommendations. ETT provides complementary service contracts to improve your installation’s safety and reliability.

ETT Services offers you specialist knowledge to get the most out of your installation with a service contract tailored to your needs:

  • Manufacturer audit(s) in collaboration with the person in charge of the maintenance of your air handling system
  • Comprehensive installation audits of heat pumps, ventilation and dehumidification systems (ad hoc and/or annual)
  • Guarantee extension on your air conditioning equipment
  • Refrigeration circuits tightness testing
  • Regulatory safety controls (Technical Guidebook, PED files)
  • Technical support
  • Operational consulting
  • Optimisation solutions
  • Troubleshooting



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