High-temperature air-to-water heat pump: NEROMAX

ETT has developed a range of latest-generation heat pumps: NEROMAX. NEROMAX is a thermodynamic system for producing hot or cold water.

The ETT  packaged unit is delivered ready to operate. Its full aluminium structure (frame and casing), ensures an excellent corrosion protection (20-year anti-corrosion guarantee). The ETT unit can be installed either at ground level or on a roof.



NEROMAX is guaranteed for 20 years against corrosion

This new ETT unit is designed to meet all of the requirements of a building:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Domestic hot water (DHW) via a primary network

The unit operates as a heat pump:

  • Treated fluids: cold and hot water
  • Rejection: outside air
  • System: 2 pipes

The NEROMAX module offers several operating modes:


  • Hot water mode:maintains the temperature of hot water networks using the thermodynamic system (up to 70°C with the NEROMAX HT version).
  • Cooling mode:maintains the temperature of the cold water network using the thermodynamic system.This mode is not available on the NEROMAX HT version.
  • Compact version:Each NEROMAX and NEROMAX HT machine is available in a “COMPACT “ version for projects requiring shorter unit lengths.  Hydraulic options are not available on “ COMPACT “ versions.

Available options

Aluminium frame and casing assembly:

  • Rigid, compact and lightweight packaged unit, perfectly weather-resistant, with a 20-year anti-corrosion guarantee on casing.
  • Vertical panels and aluminium roof.
  • Large “easy to remove” panels for easy access.
  • Electrical section with IP54 protection rating.
  • Technical compartment acoustic insulation.
Size 50 à 80 Size 135 à 155







Energy and thermodynamic assembly:

  • Refrigeration circuits compliant with European directive on pressure equipment (PED 2014/68/EU).
  • R290 refrigerant (propane).
  • Direct expansion internal brazed plate exchangers.
  • Direct expansion external exchanger.
  • Compressor power stages: power is adapted according to requirements.
  • Completely independent refrigeration circuit.
  • 1 propane detector / unit.
  • EC propeller fan: propeller fan(s) rotation speed is adjusted according to production in order to optimise energy consumption of the units.
  • Anti-acid filter drier.
  • HP and LP pressure switches.
  • Switchover valve.

Electrical assembly:

  • Electric board compliant with NF EN C 15-100 and NF EN 60204-01 standards.
  • CTN type temperature sensors. Their accuracy and reliability have been tested and validated both at the factory and on site.
  • One or more PLCs especially developed by ETT for this range of units.

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