ETT and the Coronavirus crisis COVID-19 Dear partner, In compliance with the instructions given by the public and health authorities for the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis and the restrictions currently in force at this time, ETT is adapting to contribute to this necessary collective effort, while offering you the best possible continuity of its services. Our […]

ETT – Erp Ready 4-damper heat pump CINEFFI ranges 4-damper heat pumps failing to comply with Regulation (EU) 2281/2016 shall no longer be marketed in Europe Regulation (EU) 2281/2016 on ErPs: The 4-damper ETT ranges are ErP Ready and comply with Directive 2009/125/EC, including Regulation (EU) 2016/2281 on cooling products, high temperature process chillers and […]

Is air conditioning the new challenge of energy transition? Paving the way towards future solutions for cold production The first call for projects initiated by the ADEME (French Environment & Energy Management Agency) at the end of 2015 aimed at revealing innovative technologies combining energy efficiency and low greenhouse gas emissions.  Extra benefit for the industrial […]

Regulatory development – New requirements for refrigerant leakage checking: Checking frequency Prescribed form (CERFA in France) Prescribed label In application of EU regulations, the French decree of 29 February 2016 on certain refrigerants containing fluorinated greenhouse gases, states that equipment containing such refrigerants must be checked periodically for leakage by certified personnel and a tightness […]

Flashback on the French Convention on Research and Innovation of 14 October 2016 We are pleased to share with you the presentation by Mikaël Le Borgne, our R&D Director, on the occasion of this major and unprecedented scientific event. Click here to watch the presentation by Mikaël Le Borgne. Follow this link to access the […]

As part of the United Nations conference on climate change in Paris (COP21), the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy has launched on 14 August 2015 a call for projects to support innovations in air conditioning systems. ETT presented a concept of high-efficiency system using a refrigerant with low environmental impact and our […]

The AQUACOOL range is designed for pool water heating using energy recovery on waste water, as a complement to the existing DESHU and OCTO+ ranges, dedicated to air treatment. The AQUACOOL system combines a spiral plate heat exchanger for passive energy recovery and a heat pump. The association of those two energy-efficient systems allows significant […]

We are pleased to annonce you that our EFFICIENCE new range of rooftop units is now  Eurovent Certified For more information, please contact your local adviser