EU regulation on leakage checking

Regulatory development – New requirements for refrigerant leakage checking:

  • Checking frequency
  • Prescribed form (CERFA in France)
  • Prescribed label

In application of EU regulations, the French decree of 29 February 2016 on certain refrigerants containing fluorinated greenhouse gases, states that equipment containing such refrigerants must be checked periodically for leakage by certified personnel and a tightness control certificate must be issued.

Checking frequency Once a year Twice a year 4 times a year
Metric tons of CO2 equivalent 5 to 50 50 to 500 More than 500
Refrigerant R134a Refrigerant charge (kg) 5 to 50 50 to 500 More than 500
R407c Refrigerant charge (kg) 3.5 to 35 35 to 349.7 More than 348.7
R410a Refrigerant charge (kg) 2.39 to 23.9 23.9 to 239.5 More than 239.5

A label must be attached to the equipment:

Blue label if the equipment complies with the requirements:

  • The operator who performed the inspection must specify his qualification certificate number in the text area provided at the centre of the label.
  • The label indicates the expiry date of the control certificate.

Red label if a leak is detected and the operator cannot stop it.

  • The equipment shall not be charged with refrigerant until proper repairs have been carried out.
Equipement-reconnu-etanche_bleu Equipement-non-etanche_rouge



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