Boosting competitiveness with air quality.

Oil & Gas- Energy Oil & Gas- Energy
Shipbuilding Shipbuilding
Data Centres Data Centres
Defence - Armament Defence – Armament
Paper - Printing Paper – Printing
Cosmetics - Chemistry - Pharmaceutics Cosmetics – Chemistry – Pharmaceutics
Environment Environment
Textile - Clothing Textile – Clothing
Airports -Aeronautics Airports -Aeronautics
Agri-food industry Agri-food industry
Warehouses – Logistics
Electricity - Electronics Electricity – Electronics
Mechanics - Automotive Mechanics – Automotive
Wood - Carpentry Wood – Carpentry
Plastics industry Plastics industry

ETT guides you through the development and implementation of appropriate air treatment and decontamination solutions to save energy and improve products quality.

In an increasingly competitive environment, industries have to sharpen their competitive edge and constantly improve the quality of their products and the performance of their processes. Air treatment is now recognised as a key element to achieve these goals.

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Application leaflet