Air treatment for enhanced reliability of servers

For Data Centres, ETT cooperates with the users and Design Departments to find the solution that best fits the project’s constraints. Our objective stays the same: optimise units electricity consumption to limit the impact of air conditioning on global consumption, while ensuring users’ safety.

ETT Solutions

Specific air treatment systems for data centres

ETT creates and markets different types of bespoke units that address the specific concerns of data centres. Our solutions meet the technical requirements inherent to each of our clients’ applications.

ACUs for agri-food premises have to meet 4 main requirements:

  • Ensuring employee comfort
  • Producing and preserving quality products
  • Guaranteeing smooth operation
  • Increasing productivity

This means controlling 3 parameters:

  • Temperature: cooling or heating
  • Humidity: humidification or dehumidification
  • Air quality: ventilation, filtration, extraction

ETT creates, manufactures, commissions and maintains thermodynamic air conditioners. Those units can operate as reversible heat pumps or in Cooling mode only, with outside air or water circulation (geothermal or water loop) as an exchange source. Our units directly treat the inside air in order to limit the losses due to thermal exchanges. They can also use a heat-transfer fluid. The “Free Cooling” mode has been developed in order to optimise cooling and the “Free Heating” mode to optimise heating using outside air. External recovery systems have also been added to avoid using thermodynamic circuits. Our air conditioning units offer a broad range of possibilities:

  • High flow rates, up to 80,000 m3/h
  • Cooling and heating capacity up to 600 kW
  • Additional heat sources (hot water, electricity, gas)
  • Dedicated control systems for each application
  • Specific filtration systems (HEPA, HUPA, electrostatic, activated carbon)
  • Operation in extreme outside conditions
  • Humidification or dehumidification systems
  • Hybrid combinations (solar energy, gas and/or water loop, geothermal energy)
  • Delivery in several blocks
  • Special insulation
  • Adiabatic systems
  • Low-noise operation
  • Customisable dimensions


ETT’s RT 189 L CEE bespoke rooftop unit with autonomous extractor meets all these requirements.

Schematic diagram

ETT - Data Centre application

RT 189 L CEE operating principle

ETT rooftop unit’s operating mode

This autonomous rooftop unit exists in 2 models:

  • 21000 m3 /h – 80 kW
  • 28000 m3 /h – 110 kW

Examples of use

For optimum operation of the computer servers, the IT room must be kept at an adequate temperature. ETT’s air treatment system provides a solution based on adiabatic cooling. This application requires the replacement of the existing units. ETT suggested a water condensation unit with optimised air flow rate and cooling capacity (28,000 m3/h and 106 kW). air-treatment-unit-data-centre cabinet-server_ETT

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Application leaflet