ETTSyscom – Control system

The right control system for everyone

All ETT units are linked to a communication system that facilitates unit’s management: local or remote communication, the choice is yours.

myETTvision: Remote supervision of your installation

myETTvision communication system allows you to monitor and manage your consumption wherever you are. All you need is internet access and your personal login information.
The myETTvision supervision service (available on the European territory) has been especially developed to let you control and optimise your installation, remotely and instantly. myETTvision offers:

  • Internet access to your installations
  • Comprehensive view of your installation: geolocated sites
  • 3 dashboards: Installation – Site – Equipment
  • Email alert in case of faults
  • Remote fault diagnostic and acknowledgement

ETT- myETTvision remote supervision

ETT- myETTvision remote supervision

  • Remote configuration: setpoints, annual operating hours
  • Access to curves & data export
  • Simple display of performances, comparison between current and previous year
  • Equipment and data operating safety:
  1. Management of user profiles
  2. End-to-end secured exchanges
  3. Automatic time setting of equipment
  4. Data backup

PGD Touch

Local communication system with remote display
The PGD Touch control system includes a CAREL 7″ touch screen display (in the LE GRAND or CAREL box). It links all units through MODBUS connection.

Graphic PGD Touch terminals are Touch Screen type terminals. The user interface allows easy and intuitive communication with PCO system controllers, including the execution of Modbus communication protocols.

PCO Terminal

Local communication system with remote display for several units
The PCO control system remotely displays unit parameters and allows the user to adjust setpoints, operating schedule, etc.

PCO communication system is compatible with all RR type units.
The system can manage 1 to 31 units simultaneously. The installer shall provide all wires and set the connection between ETT air handling units and the PCO remote display.


Local communication system for a single unit
The CCAD is a local communication system. Each unit is equipped with CCAD.

The CCAD remotely displays unit parameters and allows the user to adjust setpoints, operating schedule, etc.

The CCAD box is designed for specific environments such as swimming pools or community halls.