Research & Development Department: continuously improving energy efficiency

Our strong know-how, combined with a constant watch on technological and regulatory developments, allows us to offer ever more efficient heat pumps, in line with the latest standards, to help you manage your energy consumption.

R&D: innovation and high technology

Thanks to its Research and Development Department, ETT builds its growth on market expertise, innovation and environmental solutions. Our Research & Development Department develops industrial HVAC solutions that anticipate tomorrow’s technological and regulatory developments and meet the specific needs and constraints of our clients. The R&D Department relies on ETT’s 4 core skills: heating, refrigeration, electricity and sheet metal work. As an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company, ETT undertakes to provide thermal comfort for you and your customers whilst protecting the environment.

Heating technician - ETT Refrigerationist - ETT Electrician - ETT Sheet metal worker - ETT

Our goal: energy optimisation

Research & Development Department Our wide range of packaged rooftop units is designed to meet 3 essential criteria:

  • Reducing energy consumption for process optimisation.
  • Optimising dimensions in order to meet all the specifications.
  • Improving acoustic comfort especially for environments with specific requirements such as theatres.

4 skill clusters, 6 engineers and technicians:

Fundamental research:

In order to keep pace with the changing regulations, and even anticipate them, we constantly seek to strengthen our technical expertise through a combination of theoretical and experimental work, with the support of external laboratories when necessary.

Applied research:

We create prototypes of air treatment systems to validate our new HVAC technical solutions. These experimental heat pumps are intended to test and validate new components and integrate the knowledge learnt from feedback.


The optimisation of ETT units’ energy efficiency and the implementation of environmental solutions are the core concerns of our Research and Development department. We aim to ensure that our range of industrial air handling systems (with or without energy recovery) evolves along with our clients’ expectations.


Our experts constantly improve all our rooftop units thanks to the feedbacks they receive from our technical and commercial services on installed equipment. In order to fulfil its missions, our R&D Department has access to significant technical means, including a climatic chamber that can recreate extreme climatic conditions to test new functions, products or components.