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Specialist in air handling systems with energy recovery and high performance heat pumps, ETT is a high-end HVAC equipment manufacturer. For more than 40 years, we have been guiding our clients towards responsible energy solutions. Our complete command of the manufacturing process — from design to commercialisation — allows us to offer bespoke and innovative solutions.

ETT, a guarantee of quality for enhanced energy performance!

ETT provides advice and guidance on environmental control solutions for businesses and local authorities involved in many varied fields: mass retail industry, specialised retail, tertiary sector, industry, theatres and leisure facilities, pools , collective housing… Our highly qualified team answers all your concerns, from energy savings to process optimisation, in order to reduce your energy costs. ETT offers you a solution that matches your needs and supports you throughout the lifetime of your HVAC equipment. ETT has a dedicated support team, ETT Services, that will guide you from your unit’s commissioning to the training of your teams and your equipment retrofit.

ETT key dates

2020 New generation rooftop range: ULTIMA GRREN LINE, EUROVENT certified ETT Eurovent Certification 2017 New generation rooftop range: ULTIMA, EUROVENT certified ETT Eurovent Certification

EAC certificate on all ETT Ranges: Allows ETT to export its units on all territory of EAC union (Russia, Bielorussia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia).

2015 New generation rooftop range: EFFICIENCE
2011 ETT doubles its production capacity: 16,000 M² to prepare the future!
2010 ISO 14001 certification – AFAQ certificate no. QUAL/2010/37694.4 ISO 14001
2007 ETT’s managers take over the company (LMBO): Yves MILLOT becomes the new ETT Chief Executive Officer
2001 Expansion and new organisation: 8,000 M² for production, new Research and Development Department and CAPE (Computer-aided production engineering) system
1999 ISO 9001 certification – AFAQ certificate no. QUAL/1994/2016.9 ISO 9001
1979 Creation of Energie Transfert Thermique: Rooftop air conditioning units, heat pumps and ventilation ducts

ETT innovations


2020 New range of rooftops: ULTIMA GREEN LINE, EUROVENT certified , that combines the latest technological developments with low GWP
(675) fluid: R32
2020 New range of rooftops: ULTIMA GREEN LINE, EUROVENT certified , that combines the latest technological developments with low GWP
(675) fluid: R32
2017 New range of rooftops: ULTIMA, EUROVENT certified, that combines the latest technological developments to ensure optimal energy efficiency
2015 New range of rooftops: EFFICIENCE
2010 Presentation of the HEOLAIR concept, high performance double flow heat pump, HYBRID-SYSTEM Label
2008 3 innovations: – CH HPE+, high energy performance single flow air conditioner – EXERGY CH RX, double flow air conditioner with energy recovery – OCTO+, multifunction dehumidifier
2007 ETT developed specific units to address the energy challenges of the horticulture industry: HortiPAC & HortiDESHU
2006 High energy performance double flow innovation: PELICAN HPE+
2002 Gold trophy at the INTERCLIMA innovation awards (Refrigeration category) for the CATT (Cellule Autonome de Transfert Thermique / Autonomous thermal transfer cell)
1991 Silver trophy for the thermal-hydraulic power regulation equipment (air-water-air)
1987 Gold trophy for the dual-energy heat pump (electricity & gas)
1983 Silver trophy for the PACARE double flow heat pump with reversible heat pipe

ETT patents

Patent No. 1156927 Building heating and/or cooling equipment equipped with an air humidifier with water runback – HEOLAIR
Patent No. 1355528 Module equipped with condensing boilers
Patent No. 0106932 Variable cooling system (SRV) for packaged air conditioning units
Patent No. 04968 Thermal-Hydraulic power regulation equipment (air-water-air)
Patent No. 91.0991 PACARE heat pump
Patent No. 0106932 “Autonomous thermal transfer cells” patent
Patent No. 0850403 “EXERGY” patent
Patent No. 1156927 Application for “HEOLAIR” patent
Patent No. 1355528 Application for “Module equipped with condensing boilers” patent
Patent No. 0004968 “Capacity regulator” patent

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Company Presentation leaflet

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