Greater travellers’ comfort and lower energy bills

ETT creates and markets different types of units that address the specific concerns of the airport and aeronautical sectors, aircraft manufacturers, MROs… The preconditioned air units are designed to supply the air flow rate and pressure required for heating, cooling or ventilation of parked aircrafts.

The French manufacture of the ETT units make for their reliability and durability.

As an airport operator, an engineering consultancy specialised in aeronautics or an aircraft manufacturer, you are certainly faced with the following issues:

  • Save energy: The thermodynamic system is an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly solution for aircraft air conditioning. It offers optimum performance with low energy consumption.
  • Modularity and adaptability: Mobility being a key element of the aeronautical market, the ETT units can be easily installed on:
  • on trailers, to be moved around the aircrafts (ACU – towable version)
  • under the retractable boarding bridges (PCA)
  • on the roof of the various airport structures (Rooftop)

Our flexible approach allows for customised air conditioning solutions that can be combined as needed:

  • PCA units are positioned under the retractable boarding bridges leading the passengers to the aircrafts.
  • ACU units are stationary on the apron and are available in towable mobile version.

The aluminium lightweight construction, combined to low-energy components, perfectly fits these demanding economic times focusing on total cost reduction.

ACU units operation principle

Greater occupant comfort and lower energy bills

ETT creates and markets different types of units that address the specific concerns of the airport sector. The ACUs (Air Conditioning Units) are specifically designed to provide cooling, heating or ventilation to parked aircraft, thus ensuring optimal comfort to users. Each refrigerant circuit features an autonomous propeller fan to ventilate the exchanger. The propeller fan is weather-resistant. It consists of a ferrule, a high energy performance aluminium propeller, and a zinc plated steel fan guard, with cataphoresis protection and epoxy coating. This new designed fan allows a 13% increase of exchanger air flow rate compared to standard fans, while keeping the same power input. Fans will be equipped with year-round kits to allow aircraft cooling down to an outside temperature of 0C. Our solutions meet the technical requirements inherent to each of our clients’ applications. Contact ETT’s Development Manager for Airport applications to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Air treatment units for aeronautics – Operating principle

The unit operates as an air conditioner

  • Source: outside air
  • Treated fluid: air

The ACU offers several operating modes:

  • Economiser: cooling with outside air without thermodynamics
  • Heating using an electric auxiliary (optional)
  • Cooling

The ETT packaged unit comprises 3 different sections:

  1. The internal section ensures blown ventilation (optional: heating with electric heater).
  2. The external section allows heat dissipation in air conditioning mode.
  3. The separate technical section houses the refrigeration components, the electrical board and the control components.


The ATUs for aeronautics are designed as aluminium packaged units with watertight floor, comprising:

  1. An aluminium watertight frame with condensate drain pan and drainage outlets around the unit (optional lift pump)
  2. AG3 aluminium roof and vertical panels with acoustic and thermal insulation
  3. Air stream separate insulation

The aluminium ETT unit is rigid, compact, lightweight and weather-resistant and includes a 20-year corrosion-resistant guarantee on frame & casing. Stainless steel hinged doors, gasket under compression for tight sealing.

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