Managing air treatment in extreme environments

As a leader in air conditioning units designed for intensive use in harsh environments (including Atex zones), ETT provides specific air treatment systems based on robust and reliable equipment whose specifications meet the most demanding requirements.

ETT Solutions

The climatic answer to the Oil & Gas market requirements


ETT creates and markets different types of units that address the specific concerns of the Oil & Gas market. The cooling systems are intended for intensive use in hostile environments (tropical climate, offshore platforms, desert regions). Our strong know-how, combined with a constant watch on technological and regulatory developments allows us to offer state-of-the-art HVAC equipment that address our clients’ specific needs and constraints. ETT has implemented special processes to meet the requirements of the Oil & Gas market:

Studies and Development coordinator

  • Specialised Oil & Gas team within the Special Markets Department
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Compliance checklist based on the client’s specifications
  • Drawing on 2D and 3D detailed files
  • Recommendations on interfaces and work scope of HVAC partners
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Battery limits
  • Test and inspection plans for units and components
  • Components certificates, classified and available on request (material certificates, equipment calibration certificates, welding certificates)
  • Probe calibration certificates
  • Welding book (QMOS, DMOS), welder certification (ASME or other)
  • Schedules, monthly or weekly reports (order, manufacture)
  • Any other necessary document (Calculation notes, Detailed technical datasheets, P&ID, Cable lists, Loop diagrams, Paint procedures, Bespoke nameplates, Installation instructions, Commissioning instructions, Maintenance instructions, Spare parts lists)

Factory acceptance test

  • Visual inspection of the unit
  • Verification of conformity with the functional analysis
  • Tests as per EN 1886 standard
  • Performance tests in our climatic chamber
  • Units and components weighing and referencing
  • Maintainability tests
  • Noise level measurements

Dedicated climatic chamber

  • Cooling and heating capacity up to 200 kW
  • Room temperature from -7 °C to + 45 °C
  • Sensor data recorded on data acquisition unit
  • Air and water flow rate measurement
  • Technical control of the units before delivery by our R&D Department
  • Test reports

On-site interventions

  • Onshore and offshore on-site studies
  • On-site refrigeration circuit connection
  • Experienced technicians for commissioning
  • Dedicated team of engineers for after-sales

ATEX standards


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