Single flow multifunction dehumidifier OCTO+



Single flow multifunction dehumidifier with 20-year anti-corrosion guarantee

The ETT packaged unit is delivered ready to operate. Its full aluminium structure (frame & casing) ensures an excellent corrosion protection (20-year anti-corrosion guarantee).

The ETT unit can be installed either at ground level or on a roof. ECODESIGN involves DECONSTRUCTION: ETT units are 98% recyclable (re-use and recycling rates based on ULTI+21)

The single flow dehumidifier OCTO+ operates through air recycling:

  • With all recirculated air
  • With recirculated air + fixed fresh air intake

The unit offers several operating modes:

  • Source: outside air/return air
  • Air dehumidification and heating
  • Air dehumidification and pool water heating (optional water-cooled condenser)
  • Air heating only (multifunction version)
  • Pool water heating only (multifunction version) + optional water-cooled condenser
  • Inside air cooling (multifunction version)

Dehumidification is ensured by a cooling cycle on recycled air. The air goes through the in-line evaporator and condenser. Air is dried through the cooling process on the evaporator. Heat is transferred from the evaporator to the air-cooled condenser. Supply air temperature at the condenser outlet is higher than air temperature at the unit inlet because of latent heat recovery and energy supplied by the compressor. If the room air temperature is sufficient, the heat is transferred to the pool water through a water-cooled condenser (optional).

The OCTO+ offers several operating modes:

1 2 3 4 5


The ETT packaged unit comprises 3 different sections:

  1. The external section allows thermal exchanges with the environment (multifunction version).
  2. The separate technical section houses the refrigeration components, the electrical board and the control components.
  3. The internal section ensures air change and air treatment.


Available options

Air handling

  • Actuating smoke detector with battery back-up
  • Pressure gauge for filters
  • EC propeller fan in external box (acoustic gain)
  • Supply air damper in duct
  • Analogue air flow controller (AFC), air flow rate indication and measurement
  • 1 set of spare 48 mm G4 filters
  • Polypropylene 48 mm F7 filters


  • HP and LP pressure gauges

Thermal exchangers

  • External condenser/evaporator with AC propeller fan
  • Titanium water condenser (for salt water chlorinator systems)
  • 316 L stainless steel water condenser (for chlorine water treatment only)
  • CPVC isolation valves (2) on water-cooled condenser
  • 2-stage electric heaters (mounted in duct)*
  • 2-row hot water coil with frost protection thermostat and vinyl coating (mounted in duct)*
  • Progressive 3-way valves
  • Mounted stop valves + TA regulating valve on hot water coil inlet


  • Roof fan with 0-10V control for proportional fresh air introduction
  • Total electrical energy metering
  • Soft starter on compressor


  • myETTvision: myETTvision, remote supervision system
  • MODBUS IP, BACNET IP, LonWorks communication
  • PGD Touch (remote touchscreen display)


  • Refrigeration and electrical assembly for the external box

(*) To be mounted by the installer.

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Commercial brochure

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