With the Aquacool range, recover energy on waste water to heat your pools

To complement the DESHU and OCTO+ ranges dedicated to air treatment, the AQUACOOL range is designed for pool water heating using energy recovery on waste water. This water-to-water heat pump is recommended for swimming pools, spa centres and other aquatic facilities. This unit includes specific components in order to generate significant energy savings.




Aquacool: increase your pool profitability thanks to energy recovery

The AQUACOOL system combines a spiral plate heat exchanger for passive energy recovery and a heat pump. The association of those two energy-efficient systems allows significant energy savings on pool heating. The spiral plate heat exchanger first allows static recovery. Then, thanks to the heat pump, heat is recovered on waste water through the evaporator and transferred to tap water through the condenser. Exchangers on the waste water circuit are equipped with removable covers fixed with clamps which provide easy access to interior heat transfer surfaces. The evaporator and the heat exchanger are located close to the unit large access doors for easy maintenance. The Aquacool water-to-water heat pump allows you to optimise your energy consumption. Thanks to its full aluminium structure (frame & casing), which ensures an excellent corrosion protection, this heat pump system is covered by a 20-year anti-corrosion guarantee. Due to exchangers design (316L stainless steel), the AQUACOOL system is intended for chlorinated fresh water applications only. It is not compatible with salted water loops or salt water chlorinator systems. For swimming pool applications, it is recommended to protect the waste water circuit using a sand filter. It is recommended to install a bypass system on both circuits in case of complete maintenance operations.

The following operating modes are available:

  • Static recovery with the heat exchanger
  • Static recovery with the heat exchanger + heating with the heat pump

The unit operates as a heat pump:

  • Source: waste water, grey water, recovery on foot baths and pools
  • Treated fluid: tap water

The ETT packaged unit comprises 3 different sections:

  1. The hydraulic section is equipped with large access doors for easy maintenance.
  2. The refrigeration section.
  3. The electrical section including the electrical board and connections.


Available options


  • Compressor sound jacket


  • Low water pressure switch on tap water circuit
  • TA valve on tap water circuit
  • Stop valves on tap water and waste water circuits


  • HP and LP pressure gauges


  • Total electrical energy metering according to 2002/91/EC
  • Soft starter (compressor current soft starter)


  • myETTvision, remote supervision system
  • MODBUS IP, LONWORKS or BACNET IP communication

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Commercial brochure