Offer comfort to your staff for increased productivity

Office buildings are made of different areas dedicated to specific functions (offices, data centres…), that have variable thermal loads and a high percentage of glass surface. Most of these buildings do not benefit from natural ventilation for safety reasons or due to sound nuisance generated from outdoor activities. It is thus essential to install an air conditioning system to ensure a comfortable work environment in the offices.

As the owner of an office building, the maintenance technician in charge of a commercial offices, …, you are certainly faced with the following issues:

  • Ensure comfort to your office staff for optimum productivity: We spend a lot of time at the office. According to several research studies conducted on ventilation systems, there is a direct link between excessive heat and productivity or well-being at work. A temperature too low or too high prevents us from concentrating, leading to accidents, mistakes, lower mood and higher absenteeism. To ensure comfort for all and improve efficiency and productivity, pleasant climatic conditions are of the essence. ETT places its expertise at your service by helping you choose the air conditioning system that best fits your project.
  • Manage your energy consumption in order to reduce operating costs: A bad decision as far as air treatment is concerned can lead to extra energy consumption, and thus high operating costs. ETT manufactures air conditioners that include the technical components adapted to the various areas of your building and to the energies available on your premises (heating network, wood burners, gas boilers, solar energy…).

ETT Solutions

ETT provides HVAC solutions specifically designed for office buildings and adapts its ATUs to the type of building: new or for renovation. Ensuring thermal comfort while optimising energy consumption is a major constraint for the operators of office buildings. They are permanently looking for innovative products such as low energy ACUs and heat pumps, air filtration systems, etc. ETT HVAC solutions are eligible for the French "CEE" Energy Saving certificates. The design of our equipment and the selection of the components used guarantee a high degree of reliability. ETT communication system, ETTSysCom, allows centralised real time monitoring of all sites and facilitates air treatment control.

ACUs for commercial premises have to meet 3 main requirements:

  • Ensuring staff comfort
  • Providing quality customer reception
  • Increasing productivity

This means controlling 3 parameters:

  • Temperature: cooling or heating
  • Humidity: humidification or dehumidification
  • Air quality: ventilation, filtration, extraction

ETT designs, manufactures, commissions and maintains thermodynamic air conditioners. Those units can operate as reversible heat pumps or in Cooling mode only, with outside air or water circulation (geothermal or water loop) as an exchange source.

Air treatment for commercial and service companies

Air conditioning for commercial offices must take into account:

  • Temperature management with respect to the different areas of the office building
  • Fresh air management
  • Air heating and/or air cooling
  • Possible heating by prefabricated gas or fuel boiler house
  • Energy management through equipment optimisation and air recovery
  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) production

ETT Services

ETT Service contracts

Your air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment shall be covered by a service contract with a specialised company that complies with ETT recommendations. ETT provides complementary service contracts to improve your installation’s safety and reliability. ETT Services offers you specialist knowledge to get the most out of your installation with a service contract tailored to your needs:

  • Manufacturer audit(s) in collaboration with the person in charge of the maintenance of your air handling system
  • Comprehensive installation audits of heat pumps, ventilation and dehumidification systems (ad hoc and/or annual)
  • Guarantee extension on your air conditioning equipment
  • Refrigeration circuits tightness testing
  • Regulatory safety controls (Technical Guidebook, PED files)
  • Technical support
  • Operational consulting
  • Optimisation solutions
  • Troubleshooting



Remote supervision of your installation thanks to myETTvision

The myETTvision supervision service (available on the European territory) has been especially developed to let you control and optimise your installation, remotely and instantly. myETTvision offers:

  • Internet access to your installations
  • Comprehensive view of your installation: geolocated sites
  • 3 dashboards: Installation – Site – Equipment
  • Email alert in case of faults
  • Remote fault diagnostic and acknowledgement

ETT- myETTvision remote supervision

ETT- myETTvision remote supervision

  • Remote configuration: setpoints, annual operating hours
  • Access to curves & data export
  • Simple display of performances, comparison between current and previous year
  • Equipment and data operating safety:
  1. Management of user profiles
  2. End-to-end secured exchanges
  3. Automatic time setting of equipment
  4. Data backup

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