Museums and archives: air treatment for optimal preservation of the pieces

Climate conditions and storage methods have a major impact on works’ and documents’ preservation. ETT air treatment systems with energy recovery give you control over temperature and humidity, for optimal conservation conditions.

As a museum director, a private archive manager, a maintenance technician in charge of national archives, …, you are certainly faced with the following issues:

  • Manage temperature and humidity for optimum conservation conditions: The excess temperature and humidity in buildings housing museums or archives can lead to the destruction of collections, editions, etc., phenomenon that can be very fast (a few days) in certain cases. The effects are visible: dry cracks, mold, bloom… When installing air treatment units, besides measuring the room temperature, it is important to measure the temperature on the surface of objects (books, paintings, sculptures) that can be higher by a few degrees due to the light sources. ETT is by your side to help you choose the air conditioning system with high-performance control and CO² probes that best fits your project.
  • Leverage energy consumption to reduce operating costs: air treatment represents 70 to 75% of your energy bill. To address current challenges and help you reduce your energy bill, our approach focuses on improving thermal efficiency while reducing operating costs.

ETT Solutions

Air treatment for art’s sake

Museums and archives specifically require:

  • Fresh air treatment (small amount of fresh air + F8 opacimetric filter)
  • Precise temperature control
  • Precise humidity control (through dehumidifier and/or humidifier)
  • Air heating and/or air cooling
  • Possible heating by prefabricated gas or fuel boiler house
  • Energy management thanks to equipment optimisation

ETT Services

Remote supervision of your installation thanks to myETTvision

The myETTvision supervision service has been especially developed to let you control and optimise your installation, remotely and instantly. myETTvision offers


  • Internet access to your installations
  • Comprehensive view of your installation: geolocated sites
  • 3 dashboards: Installation – Site – Equipment
  • Email alert in case of faults
  • Remote fault diagnostic and acknowledgement

ETT- myETTvision remote supervision

ETT- myETTvision remote supervision

  • Remote configuration: setpoints, annual operating hours
  • Access to curves & data export
  • Simple display of performances, comparison between current and previous year
  • Equipment and data operating safety:
  1. Management of user profiles
  2. End-to-end secured exchanges
  3. Automatic time setting of equipment
  4. Data backup

Service contracts

Your air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment shall be covered by a service contract with a specialised company that complies with ETT recommendations. ETT provides complementary service contracts to improve your installation’s safety and reliability. ETT Services offers you specialist knowledge to get the most out of your installation with a service contract tailored to your needs:



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Application leaflet

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