Safe Air Unit: ETT air purifier


Our daily environment, as well as that of the industrial and tertiary sectors, is exposed to numerous contaminants. Whether we are talking about dust, micro-organisms or gaseous pollutants, the types of air pollution are diverse and specific to each application.
The problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have prompted professionals in the HVAC sector to make it a priority to respond to the requirements related to the control of indoor air quality, which is now a public health issue.
It is in this context that ETT, a specialist in air treatment for 40 years, offers, with its Safe Air Unit range of purifiers, 3 variations of units to adapt to the constraints of different sectors of activity, in addition to the existing air renewal system. The Safe Air unit UVc acts by disinfecting the ambient air thanks to the action of UV lamps. The rays emitted, type “c”, destroy the DNA structure of micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, spores), thus disinfecting the air flow. Scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of UVC light with a specific wavelength and power against pathogenic organisms.
The germicidal effect of UVC radiation is amplified by the photo catalytic process occurring on the surface of the activated carbon filter illuminated by the lamps and impregnated with titanium dioxide (TiO2). This is the very precise positioning of the lamps in relation to the TiO2 layer.

The 3 types of filtration in the Safe Air Unit range :

  • Ambient air pre-filtration ensured by an ePM1 55% 98 mm (F7) effective on particles of size >1μm + Terminal filtration ensured by a latest-generation HEPA H14 absolute filter, individually certified EN1822:2009.
  • Particulate filtration ePM1 55% + HEPA H14 Secondary filtration by activated carbon filter to treat gaseous pollution such as carbon dioxide (CO2), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), nitrogen oxides (NOX), odours.
  • Molecular activated carbon filtration: Photo catalytic reaction generated by the irradiation of the surface of the activated carbon filter, impregnated with TiO2, by UVc ultraviolet radiation.