Latest generation X-POOL+ dehumidifiers

Specially designed for ventilating, heating, air-conditioning and dehumidifying all types of premises with a high level of humidity, such as swimming pools, spas, rehabilitation centres, fitness centres and certain industrial processes.



Thermodynamic dual-flow dehumidification system

The X-POOL+ thermodynamic dual-flow dehumidification system is designed to meet all the air treatment needs of small to medium-sized pools (hotels, spas, balneotherapy centres, physiotherapy centres, retirement homes, campsites, etc.)
Thanks to the various innovations and materials used, X-POOL+ combines performance, reliability, air quality, and respect for the environnement.

Various operating modes are available :

Dehumidification is provided by the action of the heat pump’s refrigeration cycle combined with a plate heat exchanger (recuperator).

The dehumidifier operates with adaptive control :

For temperate climates :

> When the building is unoccupied, the control system favours thermodynamic recycling and will start a dechlorination cycle one hour before the building is open to the public.
> When the building is occupied, dehumidification will be provided by fresh air, to ensure the comfort of occupants. The thermodynamic system will then operate as a heat pump to recover heat from the air or water.

The ETT packaged unit consists of 3 compartments :

  1. A technical compartment containing the refrigeration components, the electrical board and the control units.
  2. A supply air compartment for fresh air renewal and energy recovery.
  3. An extraction compartment for dehumidification.

Available options

Frame – Casing

  • Unit for outdoor installation
  • Motorised external damper on supply air
  • ‘METU’ Frame


  • STOPFLAM foam sound insulation for the technical compartment
  • Sound insulation for the fresh air cowl
  • Compressor soundproofing wraps (depending on model)


  • Pressure gauge per filtration cell
  • Filters fouling analogue control (FFAC)
  • 2-stage filtration on new air
  • Opacimetric filters ISO ePM1 50% (F7) thick 48 mm


  • Roof fan with 0-10V control for proportional fresh air introduction
  • Total electrical energy metering
  • Soft starter on compressor


  • Cooling with reverse cycle

Thermal exchangers

  • 2-stage electric heater
  • Hot water coil with analogue anti-freeze thermostat
  • 3-way progressive valve mounted on hot water coil
  • Shut-off valve + counterbalance valve pre-assembled


  • Aluminium feet 200, 400 mm

Electrics and communication

  • Unit global energy metering
  • Humidity sensor on fresh air with comparison of water weight (recommended with cooling by inversion of cycle)
  • Software licence for BacNet IP protocol
  • IT system compatible
  • Remote touch display ETT Control box
  • MyETTvision remote communication platform


  • 316 L stainless steel insulated water condenser with 3-way valve and automatic reset water flow controller (only for chlorine water treatment)
  • CPVC stop valve on water-cooled condenser

Reinforced guards

  • Heresite coating on hot water coil
  • Heresite coating on thermodynamic coils
  • Titanium insulated water-cooled condenser with 3-way refrigerant valve and automatic reset water flow controller
  • High-performance plug fans with H2+S protective coating

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