HVAC solutions for the Marine, Navy, & Shipyards

ETT has positioned itself as a recognised player in this market thanks to its referencing at various shipyards.


ETT Solutions

With its wide range of units, ETT can offer any standard or customised solution to suit the client’s requirements and constraints. ETT can therefore design solutions that are strictly identical in terms of dimensions to existing machines for revamping projects, but with latest-generation technical components.
Their design gives priority to maintenance, repairability, robustness and performance even in highly corrosive environments associated with salty air.

ETT has set up specific processes to meet market requirements:


Research and development engineer

  • A specialist project manager dedicated to each project
  • Three engineering and design departments involved (Design, Electricity/Regulation)
  • Compliance check list based on client’s specifications
  • 2D and 3D detail drawings
  • Recommendations on interfaces with HVAC-related stakeholders
  • Material certificates
  • Sensor calibration certificates
  • Welding log books



  • Premium components
  • Tests and inspection plans for units and components
    Visual inspection of units
  • Verification of operation in accordance with functional analysis
  • Cooling and heating capacity up to 200 kW
  • Ambient temperature range of +2°C to +45°C (+55°C for some specific units)
  • Weighing / listing of components and units


Trials & Tests

  • Climatic chamber where performance tests are carried out
  • Recording of sensor data on a central data acquisition system
  • Air and water flow measurements
  • Units technically monitored by our R&D department before delivery
  • Test reports
  • Tests according to EN 1886
  • Maintainability testing


The staff of ETT Services have extensive experience and can intervene in France as well as internationally, in the different marine sectors.
All units supplied include services, performed by qualified ETT staff :

  • Commissioning and settings by experienced technicians
  • On-site refrigeration connection
  • On-site and telephone technical support
  • Troubleshooting within the warranty period
  • Dedicated team of engineers and technicians for after-sales service

ETT also offers customers  a choice of service contracts:

  • Customised maintenance programme or maintenance contract
  • Safety regulatory controls and tightness checks (PED)
  • Emergency spare parts supply
  • Factory supervision
  • Staff training

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